Special Needs Equipment & Furniture

The following links have been chosen from companies who provide equipment and furniture for children with special needs.

General Home Equipment

SeenIn Stylish solutions for special needs
Cuneiform - Matchett Support Systems Day and night positioning support systems
Demand Design and manufacture equipment when no other solution exists
Health and Comfort Suppliers of daily living and mobility aids, plus safety advice.
Helping Hand Sitting, sleeping equipment, walkers etc.
Meru Design and make individual specialist equipment
Salveo Ltd Suppliers of moving and handling equipment/aids including slide sheets.
Uk Shopability Wide range of disability products.
Remap Aids that are made/adapted to the individual and are not available over the counter, this service is free of charge.
Ridley Electronics design and manufacture environmental control equipment and communications equipment for anyone who would like to have remote control over their environment, particularly people with disabilities.
Child Care Action Trust Charity helping to provide funding towards costs of alternative treatments/therapies or equipment needed
Disability Equipment Register Buy or sell items of used disability equipment
Disability Living Foundation A national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of equipment to older and disabled people.
Dry Life Incontinence and bedwetting products, also disposable products.
Equip for Life Buy or sell disability equipment, offering free adverts.
Ask Des Second-hand equipment for sale and additional information regards provision of equipment.
Borringia Range of mobility aids. (Denmark site)
eSpecial Needs American online shop for children's special need products
ROMPA Sensory toys, furniture, switches and much more.
Homecraft A company with a massive range of equipment. Cutlery, Breezi Chair, writing aids, the list could go on forever!
DCS Joncare A company dedicated to the mobility needs of children.
The Disabled Living Foundation "For 35 years the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) has helped older and disabled people find equipment solutions that enable them to lead independent lives. We aim to help people achieve greater mobility and independence and to confront barriers excluding them from living a full and productive life at home, at work and in their leisure time."
G & S Smirthwaite Furniture and equipment for special needs and conductive education.
Independent Living Events Details of Independent Living events, includes Independent Living Scotland and Naidex.
Jenx Suppliers of standers, seating and more.
Medical Tags ID jewellery, tags and watches.
Essential Aids Online shop for wide range of daily living aids.
MERU MERU makes custom equipment where no alternative is available. MERU makes custom made interfaces to allow access to communication aids, computers, wheelchairs and other technology.
NRS Nottingham Rehab Supplies - The largest supplier of 'Aids to Daily Living' in the United Kingdom.
OT Stores Direct A very large selection of daily living aids, including feeding, seating and mobility.
Rifton Equipment "Rifton Equipment for the Disabled provides quality pacer gait trainers, prone standers, dynamic standers, adaptive chairs, toddler chairs, adaptive tricycles, walkers, bath chairs and toileting systems that are adjustable to meet the needs of as many people with disabilities as possible. Adaptive equipment which encourages normal positioning for people with cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other debilitating conditions can open a whole new world for handicapped or developmentally disabled children and adults."
Westons Home healthcare site which sells loads of things, including incontinence supplies for all ages.
Kinderkey "We design, manufacture and resource an ever growing range of inclusive products. Our most successful products have been developed by listening and trying to understand your needs and finding solutions to those problems. The products we manufacture are designed to be both functional and attractive."
Tomcat "Tomcat Chairs have been purpose designed for schoolchildren with special needs to participate in mainstream education. Built in consultation with Occupational Therapists in Gloucestershire, the Tomcat Chair will enable students to sit at desks across the entire curriculum. The caseloads of these OTs included: Restricted Growth, Cerebral Palsy, Cardiac, Muscular and Spinal problems, Poor Balance and Low Tone Conditions."
Neater Solutions Several products here to make life easier. Neater Eater, table, arm support, computer mouse, cutlery etc.
Quest 88 "Quest 88 has divided its range into 4 main product categories and this is a theme that runs through this site and our supportive literature. They are: Standing, Cycling, Walking and Therapy."
Conform UK "Orthopaedic Products, Bioptron Light Therapies, Wheelchair Accessories, Adaptive Clothing, Aids to Daily Living & Pressure Sore Prevention"
Possum Electronic assistive technology to enhance independence and quality of life regards communication and operations of appliances by remote control.
Active Mobility A huge range of equipment for home and outdoors.
BIME Manufacturers of a varied range of equipment.
Benefits Now Shop "Welcome to our online shop selling 1000's of Mobility aids, disability equipment and daily living aids, all designed to make your life easier. "
Back in Action Chairs etc for good posture, includes things like posture packs and the Tripp Trapp chair. There is also a good range of adult chairs etc.
Active Design Seating systems, lying system and now the Chailey standing support system.
The Red Cross The Red Cross provides short term hire of equipment for people to use at home. The range varies from area to area, but you can check out via the site what is available near you.
Equalfuture Furniture and equipment for all areas of the home.
Your able shop On-line shop for all special needs equipment
Trabasack Universal laptray bag with firm flat surface on one side and removable bean bag cushion on the other and can be worn as a rucksack or bag.

Bedroom & Bathroom Equipment

King Kraft Specialist Bathing Equipment
Weighted Blankets Weighted blankets, lap pas and wraps, choice of lots of fabric designs, site also gives information and advice on weighted therapy for sleep and calm.
Handmade Hammocks Lots of different styles of hammocks and hammock chairs.
Wessex Sleep Centre Wessex Sleep Centre specialise in designing and building custom beds to suit the special needs of the child and the parent/carer. Suppliers to local authorities, national companies, and private individuals. 'Enjoy your sleep knowing your child is safe and secure and unable to embark on the great escape!'
Aquability Supplier of walk in baths.
Easibathe and Easiaccess Suppliers of bath and access equipment.
Mangar International Features bath aids including childrens bathing equipment plus other including paediatric therapy wedges
Independent Living Lots of equipment here, including baths, showers and hoists.
Jenx Lots of equpiment here for around the house, including bedroom and bathroom.
Safespaces Safe rooms, sleep systems and padded products for the home.
Thera Posture A complete range of electrically operated beds and chairs designed to help maintain independence.
Homecraft A big supplier of equipment, includes baths and beds.
Genie Care Suppliers of beds and bathing equipment.
Benefitsnow Online Shop Thousands of mobility aids, disability equipment and daily living aids.
Active Mobility Centre A massive range of equipment including beds, cot sides and other bedroom accessories.
BaKare "Suppliers of electric adjustable beds, adjustable bed mattresses and mobility products in the UK"
Cotswold Cots "Cotswold Cots is a small business catering for the disabled child and adult, with 21 years experience of making cots, of which the last 12 have been solely making secure sleeping units to ensure the safety of disabled persons and peace of mind for their carers."
Active Design Suppliers of the Chailey Lying Support systems.
SAVI Details of childrens safety beds and cots. Not sure if they can be ordered by private individuals from the site but worth a look nonetheless.
Scan Mobility "Scan Mobility Ltd. has been serving the Health community since 1993. We specialise in beds, cots and mattresses. "
Roma Medical Bath seats, toilet aids and other accessories.
Mobility Store Supplier of bathroom aids from a range of manufacturers.

Clothing and Footwear

Able2Wear Clothing for wheelchair users of all ages.
Dribble Bandanas Alternative to bibs for babies, toddlers and children with special needs
Greeper Laces Greeper® Laces are ideal for all sorts of special needs and disability, making a contribution towards independent living..
Mini Miracles Canadian based prohttp://www.able2wear.com/special needs children. Ship to the UK
G & M Orthotic products including socks for wearing with special footwear.
Hippie Baby Bandanas Provide bandanas for babies, toddlers and older children.
Revolution Underwear Designing and manufacturing of custom made clothing
Salts Healthcare Stoma care and orthotic products
KC Sleepsuits Sleepsuits – all-in-one, with back zip, all sizes.
Splash Innovations Aprons in a variety of styles, sizes and colours
Streatley Crafts Offer different style of bib designed specifically for the older child with a disability.
Hatchbacks Footwear Shoes designed specifically to address the needs of children wearing AFO's, DAFO's and orthotics. (American site)
Grobags sleeping bags - Baby sleeping bags but they do larger sizes for children too.
Incy Wincy Special Needs swimwear and swim nappies.
Racketys - Clothing - indoor and outdoor clothing, includes rainwear, and swimwear.
Seenin Protective wear for children and adults including aprons, bibs and outdoor wear as well as wheelchair covers, changing mats, side opening mittens and SmartKnit socks.
No Pity Shirts T-shirts with attitude!!
Vertbaudet Do long socks in different colours which may be great under AFOs/night splints.
Togs4specialsprogs Shop in Essex which specialises in clothing for children with special needs.
Tchibo Do knee high socks which again may be great under AFOs.
Thudguard A soft safety helmet for babies and toddlers.
Medic Alert Bracelets and necklets - emblems - which carry medical information in case of emergency.
Padraig Cottage Canadian company who ship to the UK who make slippers from natural fibres for all ages in many different colours
Fledglings Provide many types of bibs and neckerchiefs as well as some bespoke items

Baby Products

Ecobaby - National Baby Products A great shopping site to provide caring parents with a great choice of natural pregnancy, baby and child toiletries